While I took better care of myself this year, 2017 was ultimately a year of growth and accepting defeat. In other words, it was objectively terrible. I failed in so many ways this year, but on the bright side, I kept my New Year’s resolution to go to more concerts! Musically, this was the best […]

“That’s my dad.” I’ve been seeing tweets like this from a rightly angry Asian American population all over Twitter, and they’re right. As an Asian American myself, Dr. David Dao could easily be my dad too. However, for an added dimension, my family is also an “airplane family,” so not only could my father be […]

At the end of 2015, I told a sad Grace, one of my roommates, that 2016 would be our year. I said it to make her feel better, but also to set a goal for myself. I wasn’t wrong. For bucket lists and accomplishments, this was our year. In a sense, I gained the world, […]

I tried to start a fashion blog in high school, but in my attempt to have enough content everything was terrible quality. Why a fashion blog? ‘Cause I read Elizabeth Cline’s book “Overdressed” and learned about the horrors of fast fashion – cheap clothing mass produced by large chains like F21 and H&M. Straight away, purchasing […]

if subliminal messages are real, this is definitely the song where it all began for me. i’ve listened to it for years but i just realized how relevant it is. this is my TESTIMONY… because I finally have one. when i was 8 my goal in life was to win a nobel peace prize (if […]